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I am a work in progress and this is a scrapbook of things that make my mind wander; mostly writing, books, surfing, film, photos, illustrations, music, travelling, local history, technology AND ROLLER DERBY. Some essentials: I'm right-handed, have one tattoo, seven piercings and lots of feathers and beads. My favourite cities are Rio and San Francisco. I live in England and I love to dance. I believe in wearing your dress like a rebel flag, revealing your secrets in your words, standing on the open dome of your heart and living life like this: "Let chaos reign ... louder music, more wine ... The hell with the standings ... The top rung is up for grabs. All the old traditions are exhausted, and no new one is yet established. All bets are off! The odds are cancelled! It's anybody's ball game! ... The horses are all drugged! The track is glass! ... And out of such glorious chaos may come, from the most unexpected source, in the most unexpected form, some nice new fat star streamer rockets that will light up the sky." (Tom Wolfe)

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21 February 12
I shall be skating in this for Plymouth City Roller Girls! 
The brilliant poster was designed by Laura Jayne Weeks, my small contribution to it was the idea of the wrecking ball. 




great poster!

I shall be line-up managing for my team Bristol Harbour Harlots in this :D

I shall be skating in this for Plymouth City Roller Girls! 

The brilliant poster was designed by Laura Jayne Weeks, my small contribution to it was the idea of the wrecking ball. 





great poster!

I shall be line-up managing for my team Bristol Harbour Harlots in this :D

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19 February 12

Roller Derby Goals 2012

Inspired by Cherri Blaster some of my team mates have set themselves some derby goals, so before the year runs away with me I want to set my own as a way to measure my progress and have concrete things to work towards in 2012.

I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in the past year derby-wise considering it was so busy with work and big life deals like getting married.

(That’s me on the left in our first public bout last October)

Here’s my bullet points for things accomplished so far:

  • Passed minimum skills
  • Awarded Most Valued Player (MVP) in our first public bout and given a certificate for Best Jammer from the opposing team
  • Started a Twitter feed for the team to share what we’re up to and keep in touch with other players and teams (here it is @PCRGderby
  • Organised some media coverage for the team
  • Made great new friends with players, NSOs and refs in PCRG and other leagues
  • Attended my first boot camp and shared knowledge learnt with skaters who couldn’t attend
  • Seriously improved my tactical knowledge and improved my strength and fitness

And some things that aren’t so great:

  • Picking up a serious shoulder injury, not dealing with it quickly enough or doing my physio exercises vigilantly enough
  • Picking up a knee injury
  • Getting far too many penalties for being reckless when jamming in bouts and scrimmages 
  • Still a bit shaky on the rules
  • Letting work get in the way of attendance
  • Missing out on an opportunity to skate with the Beasts of Bodmin because I didn’t volunteer myself quickly enough

Despite those bad points it’s been a great year and we’re progressing fast, looking like a serious team and just about to start another round of fresh meat training before our second public bout - this time a tournament (we’re thinking big) - Demolition Derby. It’ll be interesting to reflect again this time next year. 

SO, 2012 GOALS:

Fitness goals:

  • Increase my flexibility by restarting yoga (will make this a mix of home practice, using the Kinect and classes)
  • Run twice a week and include interval training to prepare for the spurts of energy needed to jam, make a 10-minute mile 
  • Surf for fitness once a month (double benefit here of surfing and getting fit)
  • Fix my shoulder properly and become more aware of how to look after my body to keep it fit for the sport, learn how to do physio on self, etc
  • Strengthen my left side so I’m a more balanced player
  • Increase my core strength for stability and torso definition

Derby goals:

  • Have a game free of major penalties (this’ll be tough but I’m determined to do it by using my brain more than my instinct, or channelling my instinct better at least)
  • Give 100 per cent and push myself past my limits in training so I am prepared mentally and physically for bouts
  • Start doing some positive-visualisation-hippy-stuff to increase my confidence on the track
  • Improve my backwards skating and learn backwards crossovers
  • Run a whole circuit of the track on my toe stops
  • Improve my juking and footwork so I’ve got more options getting through a pack
  • Jump the apex, a few of us have this goal. It’s a move where you have one or two blockers in front of you holding the inside line and instead of going round them, or depending on your blockers to clear the path, you jump over one of the corners on the inside passing the players and landing again in-bounds. It’s about a 3-4ft jump so a challenge for a short person like me 
  • Start delivering some bone-crushing hits by following through more on my blocks. Gotta knock some ladies down
  • Be fully versed in the rules so I can play a more intelligent game
  • Understand the ins and outs of all team tactics so I can communicate well as a team player, fresh meat coach and bench manager

I considered very briefly doing the Roller Derby Workout Challenge but I’m definitely not disciplined enough for that; instead, some more general awareness of putting good stuff into my body at the right times.

Diet Goals/Strategy:

  • Eat breakfast before 8am on weekdays (ie. get your butt out of bed on a day you’re working from home)
  • Don’t eat chocolate every day
  • Cut down on caffeine by drinking more herbal teas (groan)
  • Eat five pieces of fruit/veg a day
  • Drink a litre of water a day
  • Try to get to bed before midnight on a week night
  • Drink alcohol no more than two nights a week
  • Prepare fresh food rather than go for a tasty/easy microwave option (good for health and budget)

Obviously sometimes I will break these rules for the sake of sanity and enjoying the deliciousness of life but hopefully all will improve my performance on the track.

30 March 11

This new tune got me very pumped up for derby last night. Recommended. 


JUSTICE “Civilization”

Cómo te quedas?

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29 March 11

When you just need to Numa

I just got some cross-platform, cross hemisphere, reblog love from one of my roller derby homegirls out in NZ, for a Numa Numa tribute to my new colleagues that I did by way of breaking the ice. Here it is:

And here’s what she posted. I like a big virtual embrace a lot, so thanks Toto! Find her on her own blog - The Skater’s Journey - it’s a must read if you’re into roller derby and/or long boarding. If you’re not, read it for the jokes, innit. 

17 February 11

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3 February 11
Roller skate pendant LUST on Etsy 

Roller skate pendant LUST on Etsy 

Posted: 5:29 PM
The benefits of roller derby + booze. Via GWS
Nb. Click pic to make it nice and big and readable.

The benefits of roller derby + booze. Via GWS

Nb. Click pic to make it nice and big and readable.

2 February 11
When you are not practicing, remember, someone somewhere is practicing, and when you meet [her], [she] will win

-Ed Macauley (via olive808)

Applicable to all things you want to be skilled at

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Team Layback UK: Matt Elver @ Jennycliff from skatersjourney on Vimeo.

This friggin’ awesome here film was put together by one of my derby coaches who is heartlessly (self-pitying sob, violins, totally untrue statement alert) abandoning us to go and live in some exotic locale in New Zealand and skate with another load of hot and talented roller girls. She has an ace blog over at The Skater’s Journey if you want to read about the exploits of a ninja skate girl who has distance skated almost everywhere from Peru to Scotland and helped summon a roller derby league here in Plymouth through unadulterated creative action. YEAH!

Worth saying that this film is shot in Plymouth - respect for the beautiful and underrated landscape I sometimes forget I’m surrounded by.

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This is terrifyingly low!

This is terrifyingly low!

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh