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I am a work in progress and this is a scrapbook of things that make my mind wander; mostly writing, books, surfing, film, photos, illustrations, music, travelling, local history, technology AND ROLLER DERBY. Some essentials: I'm right-handed, have one tattoo, seven piercings and lots of feathers and beads. My favourite cities are Rio and San Francisco. I live in England and I love to dance. I believe in wearing your dress like a rebel flag, revealing your secrets in your words, standing on the open dome of your heart and living life like this: "Let chaos reign ... louder music, more wine ... The hell with the standings ... The top rung is up for grabs. All the old traditions are exhausted, and no new one is yet established. All bets are off! The odds are cancelled! It's anybody's ball game! ... The horses are all drugged! The track is glass! ... And out of such glorious chaos may come, from the most unexpected source, in the most unexpected form, some nice new fat star streamer rockets that will light up the sky." (Tom Wolfe)

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28 February 12

I was thinking about this song all the way home on the train today and then see this video which I just learnt is a tribute to Native American preservation land.


Bon Iver / Towers

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19 February 12

A friend introduced me to the Tiger Lillies last year. It is dark and twisted cabaret music and GREAT. This one, Carnival, is quite a palatable beginner.

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At the moment, this tune stops and I restart it again. I’m addicted to it, especially the bit where he sings high, it feels like my heart climbed a hill and can see over the top finally. 

21 April 11



I started out clicking strategically… and by the end was just wildly clicking and dancing in my chair.





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30 March 11

This new tune got me very pumped up for derby last night. Recommended. 


JUSTICE “Civilization”

Cómo te quedas?

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7 February 11
I ask him about the joys of parenthood. “The one thing it’s given me is an incredible routine,” he says. ” […] “I think…” he continues, “there’s an immense beauty in that. It’s like the sun going up and going down. You can get a bearing… you’re locked into that rhythm. When you aren’t locked into the rhythm of the solar system in some way it’s very difficult to get a bearing upon how you’re feeling.

From Mike Skinner: Why I’m killing Off The Streets interview via The Guardian 

It’s pretty folklore that routine is boring but just recently I’m liking the idea of finding peace in routine. Mike Skinner puts it inspiringly in relation to having kids but I think it works in terms of any task that requires something repeated and consistent of you. Does that sound wanky? Probably, but who cares! 

3 February 11

The Streets’ new (and final) album is streaming on The Hype Machine! 


The Streets’ new (and final) album is streaming on The Hype Machine

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10 December 10



Stage times for Bowlie 2 this weekend…

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29 November 10
Music is something that goes inside a person and it does something and it can really thrill the soul. It’s another magical medium.
— David Lynch on releasing two pop singles today. Read article all about it here
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