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I am a work in progress and this is a scrapbook of things that make my mind wander; mostly writing, books, surfing, film, photos, illustrations, music, travelling, local history, technology AND ROLLER DERBY. Some essentials: I'm right-handed, have one tattoo, seven piercings and lots of feathers and beads. My favourite cities are Rio and San Francisco. I live in England and I love to dance. I believe in wearing your dress like a rebel flag, revealing your secrets in your words, standing on the open dome of your heart and living life like this: "Let chaos reign ... louder music, more wine ... The hell with the standings ... The top rung is up for grabs. All the old traditions are exhausted, and no new one is yet established. All bets are off! The odds are cancelled! It's anybody's ball game! ... The horses are all drugged! The track is glass! ... And out of such glorious chaos may come, from the most unexpected source, in the most unexpected form, some nice new fat star streamer rockets that will light up the sky." (Tom Wolfe)

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9 October 12

2012 started pretty lacklustre for me, if I’m honest. And the summer passed without seeming like I’d ever been out in the sun. But things are starting to look up now and I’m feeling excited again about possibilities with my new company Story Juice, including finally finishing a book of short stories I’m working on.

I’ve also got some new TV work on several series, one of which I’m devising with a writing partner, and two pervasive games in development which I’m the writer and narrative designer on. Yippee for feeling like those people in the pictures above again. 

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New tattoos…………

Man, it feels like I’ve been thinking about new tattoos for ages now. I’ve changed my mind about what I like, changed the places I want them on my body, wondered how I’m going to find a gap long enough that I’m not going to be bashed on a roller derby track when they’re still not healed..

But, finally, a few weeks back I decided on the two I absolutely want. I’ve lived with the images around me for a bit now, just to check that I don’t get bored of them. I’m going to do them as a Christmas present. These are them..

This one’s going on my wrist just like that:

And this one’s going on the back of my hip:

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My bookshelves are done like this too, but I wish I had that view over New York (at least that’s where I’m imagining it is)

My bookshelves are done like this too, but I wish I had that view over New York (at least that’s where I’m imagining it is)

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Hotel Lobby, 1943.
by Edward Hopper


Hotel Lobby, 1943.

by Edward Hopper

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Vision is overrated. Many people claim that great artists have a unique vision. I disagree. Artists have the exact same visual apparatus as you or me. They are not freaks with special powers. Where great artists differ is in their ability to notice things. This is a learned skill.
— Robert Tercek, TEDx Transmedia 2012, Rome. (via tedxtransmedia)

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Inituition is what turns dreams into a logical sequence. Dreams don’t make sense. Dreams are not logical: they consist of a series of disconnected images in the unconscious mind. But the rational mind craves meaning. Optimized for pattern recognition, the rational mind wants to superimpose a linear narrative structure on the random images in dreams. The logical mind craves meaning, and intuition supplies it.

Intuition generates meaning by creating connections that turn random impulses into a meaningful structure. And the most amazing thing is that your intuition generates these associations effortlessly…. automatically. This generative capacity is one of the profound sources of creativity… but most people fail to develop their intuition. Worse, we ignore it, we deny it. We pretend it doesn’t exist.

Intuition is a skill that can be learned. But it works best when you are not in control: when the conscious mind is still, the unconscious mind can work uninhibited. It even works when we are asleep! Ask yourself a question before you go to bed. The mind loves a question. It will continue working on the answer to the question even when you are asleep.

When you wake up, pay attention to your first impulse and your feelings. You will have fresh insight and new ideas. Those are the signals from your intuition. Intuition is the way the unconscious mind speaks to us. Without words.

Robert Tercek, TEDx Transmedia 2012, Rome. (via tedxtransmedia)

Robert’s talk was one that I particularly enjoyed. Great quotes for anyone with a longing to be creative. 

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30 April 12
Seriously in love with this heart pendant

Seriously in love with this heart pendant

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8 March 12

Ah man, a love competition. This video is fascinating. 


Stanford neuroscientists host the world’s first love competition, asking contestants between the ages of 10 and 75 to spend 5 minutes in an fMRI machine thinking deeply about the person they love. The results are certain to bring a tear to your eye.

Complementary reading: 5 essential books on the psychology of love.

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